Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Family

I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of my family. My mom always takes our family picture each year for our Christmas card and these are some of them. She didnt actually take these two, my dad did. As my mom was taking them with her good camera, my dad took these with the digital camera. My boys are Clay (my first born who is 13) and Sawyer (my baby who is 8). They are both in this phase where they want the longer hair. Its naturally curly like mine so It's harder to deal with, but if they like it, I can deal with it. My husbands name is Tork and I love him lots! We will be celebrating our 15th year anniversary next week! I cant even belive its been that long! We are going out to dinner this weekend cause our Holiday open house is on our actual anniversary. I hope we go to the Tuscan Moon! It has amazing food and the best atmosphere! Its our favorite place to go on date night!

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apriliniowa said...

I love their hair, kiddo. They are such cute boys. Remind Clay that I'm still going to the Super-Prom with him. wink. wink. It was good to see you today and I love my goodies. Your candles are divine (aren't I cute?) smelling. I want to get out my Christmas decorations pronto now!