Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Say it ain't so......

Last week,
my boys headed back to school.
I feel as if I blinked, and summer vacay was over.
This school year is a little different
for us all.
We used to drive them to and from school each day
because I just didn't have peace about them riding
the bus.
this year,
Clay is driving.
I can't believe I just said that!

I have a teenager who is driving!
I trust him completely
I am struggling with letting go.

If your the praying kind.... please
say one for my boys safety as they
travel to and from school.

Now on a totally random note.....
check out my new curtains!

Did I not say in my last post that I
WOULD have those curtains.... eventually?

Well, eventually came last week.
Thanks mom!

Fall Open House info
coming soon..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For The Love of Grey and Ruffles......

My style of decorating
changes like the seasons.
love buying new trends
in home decor
as much as I love
getting my hands on
the latest
trends in clothes.
Right now,
my passion is
anything and everything
And if it has ruffles
that's even better.
Pure perfection.
Enjoy a peek at
my latest obsessions
brought to you by UO.

I NEED this couch.
I WANT this laundry bag.

MUST have this bedding.

Drooling over this shower curtain.

WILL have these curtains.
Oh my.
So pretty and girlie.
In a house filled with
all boys,
this is how I stay in touch with my
feminine side!
Thankfully, the men in my life
don't mind!

All items available here