Monday, June 20, 2011

Some random pics of the store taken
by Dayton, a good friend of our family.

Make your own sachet...
make the BEST air freshener for the car!

Our ever growing Scent Menu!

Our bath and body supplies....
We are gonna need a bigger counter!

Me, doing what I do best.... being a dork!
Look at those crazy eyes!

Hope you are enjoying your Monday!!!

If BYCC were a bridesmaid....


Then this is how we'd look.

Been to a gourgeous wedding yet this summer?
I Love a good wedding!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Lil' History....

For those of you that may not know,
(and those of you that do, please sit tight for a minute)
The building that we rent, is part of what once was
the Bryson House Hotel.
There are three floors total, but the upper two floors have been boarded up and sadly have remained vacant for many years, and we all know what happens to old buildings if not shown love and attention.
I absolutely LOOOOOOVE old homes and buildings and all of the history and stories they hold. 
 I love to imagine how it must have looked. 
Since moving into our space a little over a year ago, I have wanted to go upstairs and see what it was like.
I was too scared.
(remember the windows are boarded up)
and the "what if's" totally freaked me out.
Last week,
our friend Terry Phillips
asked the owner of the building if he could go up, along with the Mayor to check it out.
Our town would love nothing more than to restore this 
BEAUTIFUL old building,
(Terry if you're reading this, you are just the person to get the ball rolling)
because many of the buildings on our square have been or are in the process of being restored.
Our building, is one of the last few remaining that need work.
While Terry was up there, he took some pics
 so I thought you might like to see them too.....

Vintage still my beating heart.

Look at that gorgeous ceiling.

When this was the Bryson House Hotel,
there was an atrium looking down all three floors
with a skylight in the ceiling... I can only imagine how
stinkin' cool that must have been!

You have no idea
 how badly I want those doors with the numbers.

Can you see the possibilities?????
She just needs some tender loving care.
I'm hopeful that in the near future,
this entire building will be
as beautiful as it once was.
(I tried to load an old picture of the outside of the building back when it was the hotel, but it wouldn't let me)
I hope you liked seeing a bit of history and
I'm thinkin' I may need to go up there.
It's not so scary....right?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh me, oh my....
Look what's coming soon

 Rustic Rootz Soaps!

Yup, you heard me right,
These are SOAPS!!!

photos-Rustic Rootz

We are so excited for these to arrive!
We'll keep you posted!