Thursday, March 10, 2011

My (Soy) Boy

I had my lil' Soy with me at the store
for a bit this afternoon after school
and made him pose for some pics....
I ADORE this kid.

He will forever be my baby.

Look at this face!

If this son of mine isn't tossing the football,
then he's running...
I could barely get him still to take the pictures!

Did I mention how much I love this kid?

On a completely differrent note...

If you like decorating... this book is a MUST!
It's filled with beautiful homes and ideas!
Mine just came in the mail yesterday and I've
hardly put it down.
Get a hold of this book you wont be dissapointed!

p.s.  Did I mention the new
 body wash and hand/body lotion
scent available in
the Backyard Blissful Bath line?

I think I may have in a previous post,
but I think it's worth mentioning again...
Ma Petite Cherie
It's delicious...
a blend of bing cherry, vanilla, and marshmallow cream.
It makes you smell good enough to eat!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bring It.... Spring that is.

Now that we are into March...
I am really ready for spring
all the beauty that comes with it.
Of course that includes
some pretty
floral scented candles
that make my home
smell like spring has sprung!
If YOU are like ME 
and can't WAIT for the REAL thing,
the following scents are
now available to bring spring
to your home too!

Gardenia is our brand new floral
for spring and it is soooooo

Have a great weekend!
if you are a local
and are looking for some fun on Sunday afternoon
come to the U.P. Church in Washington
for the Mission Market.
It's a fundraiser for the High School kids who are going on
mission trip this summer.
The kids serve lunch and then there is an auction
after lunch where
they sell
 some really great donated items!

It's always an afternoon filled with fun, fellowship and laughter!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bring on the new goods....

It's time to show some new goodies...

LOOOOVE this vintage inspired Santos bust.
3 styles available.


Darling paper weights... thinkin' these would look great
sitting on a coffee table.

Love me some Papaya art boards!

Back in stock... the & pillows.  

My new favorite art board... isn't she precious???

I can't get over this picture...

The new Backyard Blissful Bath line is going GREAT!!!
Just added a new body wash and lotion scent...
Ma Petite Cherie
a blend of cherries, and marshmallow cream
It's divine!!

BEAUTIFUL cards for Mother's Day or just because.

Two sizes of fern bottles available and are selling FAST.

We also have some really great items on sale...
ALL cucina products
ALL French Soaps, liquid and blocks
SELECT Tokyo Milk items...
solid parfume
compact mirror
bubble bath
all 1/2 off!!!

Don't miss out on these great items at great prices!
See you soon!