Thursday, March 10, 2011

My (Soy) Boy

I had my lil' Soy with me at the store
for a bit this afternoon after school
and made him pose for some pics....
I ADORE this kid.

He will forever be my baby.

Look at this face!

If this son of mine isn't tossing the football,
then he's running...
I could barely get him still to take the pictures!

Did I mention how much I love this kid?

On a completely differrent note...

If you like decorating... this book is a MUST!
It's filled with beautiful homes and ideas!
Mine just came in the mail yesterday and I've
hardly put it down.
Get a hold of this book you wont be dissapointed!

p.s.  Did I mention the new
 body wash and hand/body lotion
scent available in
the Backyard Blissful Bath line?

I think I may have in a previous post,
but I think it's worth mentioning again...
Ma Petite Cherie
It's delicious...
a blend of bing cherry, vanilla, and marshmallow cream.
It makes you smell good enough to eat!

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