Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All About the Accessories.....

Any one that knows me well,
knows that I kind of have a thing for
So of course, I had to find some AMAZING
ones to offer ya'll.

These beauties are made by Posh Princess.

She hand makes each one and adds vintage pieces to
make each one special and unique.
These would be darling dressed up for a night on the town
dressed down with a pair of faded jeans, a simple tee, and flip flops.
I am SUPER picky about how my headbands
fit and I'm telling you, these are very
comfortable and won't give you a headache.
We have a HUGE assortment and
they are all gorgeous.
Come on in, try one on.
Your gonna love them!
what could be better
than supporting a local artist??

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Iced Tea, Beck and a Blueberry Scone.....

This morning, I could NOT drag my behind
out of bed.
Who am I kidding,
that's how I am EVERY morning.
This summer I have
quit drinking pop
my beloved chocolate milk.
I have since become addicted to
iced tea.
My favorite place to get it is
Dodici's Shop.
I will admit,
it is cheaper and just as easy to make it at home,
and I do.
But somedays,
I like to treat myself.
who am I kidding,
I treat myself most days.

While in at Dodici's
in they walk with a fresh
tray of scones.
I spied the blueberry one right
and because I was running late
I was also starving,
so I had to have me one.
All I can say
I nibbled on that thing all day
while sipping on iced tea,
my boy Beck's
new novel,
The Overton Window.
I couldn't put it down.
It is fascinating
and a little scary.
This novel is just a little too real to life
as we know it these days.
Kind of freaks me out.
But nonetheless,
I highly recommend it.

I must admit,
I think I have the best job ever!
Where else can I sit
ALL day,
without getting fired!

I tried to hide the book
and look busy
whenever shoppers came in.
I didn't want to look too lazy!
I don't know about you,
but sometimmes
I just need a lazy day

Here's to a productive day tomorow!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bringin' Pretty Back.....

I'm the kind of person that when I find a
really great new place to shop,
I can't keep it all to myself.
I've gotta share.
If you have never heard of
then, girl,
you are missin' out!
It has the BEST clothes
and at reasonable prices.
I've made several purchases from there
and the quality is great
as well as the customer service.
Now this is an online boutique only
so you can't hop in your car and go.
BUT, how easy to have great shopping
at the click of a button!
Here are a few of the items still on my wish list......
(some have recently made their way to my closet,
shhhh, don't tell my hubs!)

I couldn't show ALL of my favorites
cause there are just to many!
I didn't even get to the jewelry and accesories.
Things sell out VERY quickly at
so if you want it,
don't hesitate,
if you blink,
it will be gone!
I love that RUCHE is bringing "pretty" back!
Who couldn't use
a little
"pretty" in their wardrobe???
I'm anxiously awaiting the
arrival of the Fall lookbook!!!!
Not that I'm ready for fall,
Just thinkin'
ahead a bit.
I'm already thinking about where my
Christmas tree is gonna go.
I know, I know,
that's weird
but that's just
how I am.
It's 90 degrees out and I'm lovin' it
but my mind
is thinking
I hope YOU are enjoying your

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Atlanta Bartlett.......

I have no words.... just amazing Atlanta Bartlett
eye candy
and inspiration.
If these don't inspire you,
I don't know what will.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Time to Retire.....

Did the title of this post scare you???
Don't worry,
we aren't going
We at Backyard Candle Co.
have decided
it IS
a few of our
candle scents.
I know this may be music to your ears
for some of you
you can take advantage
of an awesome sale
others may be
about loosing
their favorite scent.
It's time my friends, to to make room
for some
out of this world
the retiree
list is as
movie night
chestnuts and cherries
caramel crunch
ginger lime
These candles will be
50% off
till they're gone.
These scents are available
for refills
till the oil is gone.
If one of these are your
you best be gettin'
you hiney
in to see us
scoop em' up
while you can!
See ya soon!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

image: virgins, saints and sinners
Now, 1/2 off......
Vintage inspired burnout tees.
available in Med, L, and XL.
Get em' while you can!

Family Photo Shoot.....

Way back in June, my little family had a fun photo shoot
with Sarah.
I am finally just getting around to posting them.

I adore Sarah as a person and as a photographer.
She just seems to capture the
"true" person in her photos.

I look at these pics of my boys and can hardly
believe my eyes.
They are growing up so quickly.

I am so proud of who they are becoming.
Are they perfect?
In my eyes, yes they are.
in reality,
I know that no one is.
We are all a work in progress.
The key word is "progress".
As long as I see them progressing,
I am pleased.

These two boys of mine are my greatest blessing.


If I must say, are pretty darn handsome.

I am also so blessed to be married to a man that TRULY loves me.
And I him.
In all the day to day junk that goes on,
it's easy to loose sight of that.

He is my best friend.

Through all the good and the bad,
I know one thing is for sure....
We have eachothers back,
forever, for always
no matter what.

Thank you Sarah, for capturing us perfectly.

I will forever cherish these photos!