Monday, July 26, 2010

Bringin' Pretty Back.....

I'm the kind of person that when I find a
really great new place to shop,
I can't keep it all to myself.
I've gotta share.
If you have never heard of
then, girl,
you are missin' out!
It has the BEST clothes
and at reasonable prices.
I've made several purchases from there
and the quality is great
as well as the customer service.
Now this is an online boutique only
so you can't hop in your car and go.
BUT, how easy to have great shopping
at the click of a button!
Here are a few of the items still on my wish list......
(some have recently made their way to my closet,
shhhh, don't tell my hubs!)

I couldn't show ALL of my favorites
cause there are just to many!
I didn't even get to the jewelry and accesories.
Things sell out VERY quickly at
so if you want it,
don't hesitate,
if you blink,
it will be gone!
I love that RUCHE is bringing "pretty" back!
Who couldn't use
a little
"pretty" in their wardrobe???
I'm anxiously awaiting the
arrival of the Fall lookbook!!!!
Not that I'm ready for fall,
Just thinkin'
ahead a bit.
I'm already thinking about where my
Christmas tree is gonna go.
I know, I know,
that's weird
but that's just
how I am.
It's 90 degrees out and I'm lovin' it
but my mind
is thinking
I hope YOU are enjoying your

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. sarah . said...

Love the style of this clothing! Thanks for sharing your great find!!!