Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bring It.... Spring that is.

Now that we are into March...
I am really ready for spring
all the beauty that comes with it.
Of course that includes
some pretty
floral scented candles
that make my home
smell like spring has sprung!
If YOU are like ME 
and can't WAIT for the REAL thing,
the following scents are
now available to bring spring
to your home too!

Gardenia is our brand new floral
for spring and it is soooooo

Have a great weekend!
if you are a local
and are looking for some fun on Sunday afternoon
come to the U.P. Church in Washington
for the Mission Market.
It's a fundraiser for the High School kids who are going on
mission trip this summer.
The kids serve lunch and then there is an auction
after lunch where
they sell
 some really great donated items!

It's always an afternoon filled with fun, fellowship and laughter!

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