Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black and White

I am really beginning to love black and white! These pics are one of the many Christmas displays in the store and is probably one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of it. We have these Keep Calm and Carry On pictures in black, red, wedding mint, and aqua!


Jeanneoli said...

You have such a great eye for display. It looks beautiful.

blondiensc said...

ok, still snooping! I love the keep, calm and carry on..do you still have those in black? If so I need one..for my bathroom! is that weird in the bathroom now that I think of it? HA! Also, I love the mercury glass...I think I need something for one of my shelves...what do you have in your store? See I told you, once you get your on-line store open I will be all over it...no pressure though! **wink wink