Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A much BIGGER road trip.....

Over Thanksgiving, we took a
very looooong road trip
to Pennsylvania to see
my husbands brother
and his beautiful family.
It was worth every single second
of the 16 hour car ride
we don't get to see them nearly as
often as we would like.
picture in your mind the most perfect
Thanksgiving you could EVER
better than that!
We shared lots of laughter and love
and even a few tears (of joy)
and TON of

They live only 3 hours from New York City,
which, in the grand scheme of a 16 hour drive,
is nothin'.

us in Time Square

So we all jumped in the Tahoe and headed
into the city.
My family had never been there
and we were so excited!

the cousins...... 
clay, mariah, mckenna and sawyer with the lego santa at fao schwartz

We were literally only there for about
24 hours so we didn't do much sight seeing.
We pretty much just stayed
in Time Square.
But that was fine with us
and super cool.

 Time Square

It is EXACTLY like you see it in the movies
and on t.v.
People are EVERYWHERE!
I'm so glad we had the other Whislers
with us cause they know the ropes
and we just followed their lead.

 right outside the doors of our hotel.

Our hotel was right in Time Square,
and we
 were right in the heart of all the action.
We left the City
the day before Thanksgiving
so it was fun to see all the
people arriving for the
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

the view from our hotel window

I took tons of pictures and
wish I could show them all.....
but, I won't.
I know they won't be as exciting
and precious to you as they are to me.

On that note....
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving
and if you ever get the chance to
go to New York City....
DO IT!!!

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Robin Rich said...

oHHHHHHaHHHHHHHH pick me!!! pick me!!! pick me!!!

Angie S said...

I'm so jealous, I would love to see NY this time if year. David feels it's a waste if it's not baseball season! :( guess we will have to do both!

Farmgirl Chaos said...

I tried to find you on facebook....but it didn't work. Could you link up to it on your blog? Thanks! And what a fun trip to NYC. How cares that it was only 24 hours, you were there! That's what I'm saying about some of my journeys around Europe. I wasn't there long, but I was tehre!