Monday, December 13, 2010

Great Gifts for Giving.....

Still looking for the perfect gift????

 Look no further.... 
We are soooooo
much more than just candles.

New little soy melts... perfect for those
oh so famous scentsy warmers!
Only 1.50 each!

Tokyo Milk Parfume and Shower Gel/Bubble Bath
are a Backyard favorite.
Available in an assortment of unique scents.

German glass glitter, peace sign ornaments
add a funky element to your tree.

Love the message of this sign...
that should be my motto in decorating!

Vintage looking Virgin Mary...
perfect for Christmas or all year long.
She is gorgeous and HUGE!

One of the many Christmas cards....
it's not to late to get them in the mail!

Designer Amy Butler fabric bags.
These are so pretty and fun!

Come in to see sooooo much more!

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