Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Lil' Road Trip......

It is so hard to actually believe,
but last Saturday, my husband and I
celebrated our 17 year anniversary.
WHERE does the time go????
Seems like just yesterday.....

My husband Tork..... look at those baby blues

We decided to take a road trip
so we headed West.
Our first stop was Smokey Row
in Oskaloosa.
I had never heard of it
but I'm so glad we stopped for coffee.
Well not really coffee, cause we just
aren't coffee drinkers.
I had an AMAZINGLY good Chai Tea
and come to think of it,
Tork DID have some kind of a mint coffee

This place was sooooo cool.
It had such a retro feel but with a
modern, big city vibe as well.

 LOOK at this movie theatre thingy
they found to hang INSIDE.
I forgot to mention this place is enormous!

Our next stop was Tassel Ridge Winery
were we did wine tasting.
This was fun cause Tork doesn't
usually go for wine,
but he found a few he really liked.
Sad to say we didn't even leave
buzzed... darn it.
Just kidding Mother,
calm down.

We then headed on to Pella to hit some quaint
shops.... didn't really find anything I couldn't live
But found out Pella also had a Smokey Row
and they have a fabulous menu
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
So we ate lunch there.
Umm, can you say
Chicken Pot Pie
Cheesburger soup served in a bread bowl?????

As our road trip came to an end,
we found ourselves back in our neck the woods
and at my favorite store
(besides my own of course)
where I of course found some really
cool finds.

Last but not least,
we ate dinner at the best place EVER
which has literally become our
anniversary dinner spot.
We both LOVE that place.

I'm so grateful that Tork
loves me enough to
road trip to little shops
and eat at quaint little places
all because he knows I love it
 I love HIM for it.
Here's to another 17 years Hon....


. sarah . said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! Your day sounds magical!! :)

Farmgirl Chaos said...

Happy anniversary!

I've been to Smokey Row a couple of times. I think once in Osky and once in Pella. There is also one in Des Moines now too. They are great places. I love the atmosphere....and the pop that comes in the old fashion glass bottles. :)