Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Open House Pics..... or should I say open house picture.....

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to
get pics from our open house on here.
Last week is LITERALLY a blur to me.
My mom and I
(with the help of my cousin Robin, sister Janelle and niece Haley)
worked our little fingers to the bone to transform
the shop into a winter wonderland.
We had many a late nights
early mornings.
(thanks for going with me at 4:30a.m. mom)

I wish I had more pictures to show you.
Blogger is giving me fits
and this is the only one I was able to upload.
So for now, this will have to do,
you will just have to stop in to see more.
Which would be great, cause I'd love to see you!

This week we are busy making more candles to restock
our near empty candles shelves due to the
turnout we had.
Thank you so much
to those of you
that attended the open house.
We hope you loved
seeing it as much as
we loved doing it for you!

Have a great week,
and hopefully,
more pictures to come soon.
p.s. I posted some on facebook too, so you can also check them out there if you'd like.

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. sarah . said...

It looks amazing, Tricia! I can't imagine all the hard work that went into it. Sorry I didn't make it for the big day, I will be in sometime soon! :)