Thursday, February 26, 2009


My Friend Sarah Nebel of Photo Eye Love took this awesome photo of one of the candles that she purchased from our store. She is an amazing photographer, not to mention one of the sweetest people I know. If you want to check out her blog go to
Another friend I would like to mention is Heather from The Mezzanine. We have been friends for several years but since they moved away, we dont get to see eachother nearly as much. And I miss our talks around her dining room table over a glass of wine. You can check out Heathers blog at Dear, sweet Heather,also tagged me to list seven random things about myself, so here goes...

1. I got my first gray hair in 7th grade and now I am 50% gray. I color my hair every 3 weeks.

2. I was a cosmotologist for 11 years before quitting to open my store, which was always my dream.

3. I dont drink coffee at all but I HAVE to have a glass of chocolate milk every morning. I started doing this when I was pregnant with Clay and have continued ever since. It helped with the morning sickness.

4. I heart American Idol, and yes, I even vote.

5. I am just a smidgen taller than my husband, so I never wear heels.

6. I have gone cliff diving ONCE, if you could even call it that while vacationing with friends in the Ozarks. It was'nt pretty and I don't recommend it.

7. Before I opened my store, I was part of a prison ministry. I did it for a little over a year and it was a great experience.

There you have it, some very random facts about little ol' me.


. sarah . said...

Thank you Tricia!!

And we miss you at prison! I loved reading your random things :)

apriliniowa said...

Very nice photo! And I can't imagine you diving off of a cliff!?!?! Where, I wonder? haha. Hope all's well and thank-you for sharing my blog. Have a great weekend!!!

blondiensc said...

Love the photo and how cute is the little sweater cover for the candle...I want one..! ;)

Love to read the 7 things about you...I don't drink coffee either, never have!

Jeanneoli said...

What a great list! It is always fun to learn more about you sweet friend. I always wear heals:-)

C Maisy said...

How in the world did I miss this post.
I love reading all the little "facts" about you.
You are just darling.
Happy we are friends!

littlebyrd said...

That picture is wonderful! It was fun reading your random facts - I do love coffee but I am with you on chocolate milk - it is delicious!

Christy said...

I just love your candle with the little sweater! Do you take online orders??