Monday, February 16, 2009

I want to do better...

I absolutely love the blog world. I feel as though I have made some real friends here and its a great way to stay in contact with friends I dont get to see that often. I love to read about your lives, families, work, faith, friends and how you balance all of those things. It is really inspiring! I have to admit however that I am not doing all that well balancing my own life these days. Im really not doing that great keeping up on everything like I did before opening my store. I cant even say its because I am THAT much more busy now that I have the store because I have my sweet mom and sister and best friend Lori who help me so much. I really feel as though I have let my relationships with the Lord, my boys, husband, take a backseat to my own selfish desires. It is very easy to justify when the boys seem perfectly content playing their video games. I know I am a better mother and wife than that. This must just be a phase of my life, because I have never felt quite like this before, like things are just so out of whack. Is there anyonone else out there who feels this way? I really, really want to do better!


C Maisy said...

Hey Girl~
No I NEVER feel that way. What are you talking about???
You silly girl...I feel that way ALL THE TIME. However, even if something miraculous happened and they(not sure who they are)added 2 more hrs on to the day I would still feel that way.
You are doing a great job.
I think that as soon as we walk down the isle and then have a child we will always feels like we are lacking in our wife and mother duties.
You are so special for feeling what you feel. That is why you do not give yourself enough credit.
From what I can tell you are:
1) An amazing child of God
2) A wonderful mother
3) A loving wife
3) A creative store owner
4) A very sweet, dear friend!!!!
I think you rock!!!
ps. I don't even have a store and I feel like things take the backseat. I just think that at the end of the day it doesn't matter how pickuped up my house is or how little laundry I had in my laundry room. What matters is how we treat people.

Jeanneoli said...

Tricia, What Amy said is right...if you were not a wonderful mother you wouldn't even think about these things. I bet what you are feeling is the Lord proding your heart to spend more time with HIM. That is what happens to me. When I get right with the Lord everything else makes a lot more sense and I am more like the person he wants me to be.

. sarah . said...

I agree, balance is a hard thing to figure out. And I don't think we'll ever get it perfect. This is a daily struggle in my life. Thanks for sharing your heart Tricia.

apriliniowa said...

I want to be better, too. On a daily basis. A conscience is though, at times, a double-edged sword. For me, the videogame issue is more about Ira needing me less and less. Growing up, in other words, and preferring to be with his friends playing videogames rather than spend time with Mom. I can't even con him into playing boardgames with me anymore. :( It's the sad, but unavoidable, transistion from Mommy to Mom that hurts the most, I think. That's enough mushiness. You hang in there. I know your kids and you are a great mother that still, to this day, makes better pasta than I do. ;)

Kasey said...

It is so hard finding the balance in life. I think it's completely normal to feel selfish. I do. There is nothing wrong with having "me" time, but trying to balance that time with family, and shop, and hubby. It's hard. I even gave up the shop and still struggle with trying to find a good medium.
Life is all about give and take. one can't always take and one can't always give.
you'll find it.