Monday, November 30, 2009

May Your Days Be Merry & Bright.....

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is over and now we are on the countdown for Christmas???? I hope many of you are further ahead on your shopping than I am, like I said before, I procrastinate. This is a major flaw.
I am a sucker for vintage ornaments. At one time I had collected so many that I was able to fill our big tree. In my constant need for change, I no longer use them on my tree, they are just scattered here and there around my house. I love to think of things "outside the box" to do with them. I think they add beautiful color and fun to Christmas decorating and seriously, could it get any more "green" than that? You are buying used and recycled goods!

I love this idea. It's so simple but makes a huge statement. A new twist on the table centerpiece.

I love anything thats been loved before and has a history. Even Christmas ornaments.

Another simple yet unique idea. If you have an old frame lying around, wouldn't this be cute?

I know we still have some vintage Christmas ornaments tucked in around the store, as well as a vintage frame. Are you thinking what I'm thinking????

Oh, one more thing......

Sunday, December 6th, We will begin our Sunday hours. We will be open from 12-4p.m each Sunday through Christmas!!
On December 5th we would like to offer 30% off ALL Christmas decor. That includes ornaments, matches, trees, villages, garland, greenery, and wreaths.
Bring a friend and take advantage of this sale!
(this sale excludes candles)

All photos courtesy of google.


Tracey said...

I love the idea of hanging the ornaments from a vintage frame! I might just have to use that fabulous bit of inspiration!!

:) T

Lora said...

What beautiful ornaments! Love that frame idea. I'm a procrastinator too... wish I wasn't. :O)

LuLu said...

Oh i love all the ornaments... the more the better!!! the frame is just the cutest.