Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have tons to tell you about the open house, but before I do that, I HAVE to get something off my chest....... I am by nature, a very trusting person. I always see the good in people, even when I've been wronged by them. Yesterday I feel like I was wronged and I can't get it off my mind. You see, our fall open house always coincides with the annual craft show held on the square. I always like to do a walk through before I open the store to see what goodies there are to be found. There are always a few candle booths but nothing I ever felt threatend by. Then as I was walking by one particular booth, I noticed not only did it look eerily like our store, but it was being run by someone that I thought was a loyal customer of ours. We have filled and sold her many a candle. AND the women helping her was someone I would certainly call a friend. I was shocked to say the least and it really pretty much ruined my day.
You see, I know that I can't get upset about every single person that decides to make candles, and I don't. BUT, it's a little hard to stomach when it's someone who has been in your store dozens of times, lives in the same town and decides to make the same kind of candles that I felt really set us apart from other candle makers (like the ones pictured). To top it off, she even had some of the same scents.
You've all seen the pics of my workspace, it's very open for all to see. The only thing seperating it from the retail space is a set of screen doors. I will have to rethink how that is all set up now because I can't help but wonder if she saw the kind of wax we use, names of the suppliers on our bottles, etc...... This is where my trusting nature comes in because I NEVER even thought about that before.
What do you all think, am I over reacting? I CAN'T get it off my mind, and I need to know what you all think! Thanks for listening!

p.s. I forgot to mention, that this candle booth was so similar to us that people were commenting about it to us throughout the day.


Kidlib said...

Ohhhhhh, I feel for you. I don't blame you for being upset. Just remember that you have a wonderful business and a fabulous following.

liza said...

I am so sorry for what happened. I am sure that must have been very humiliating. Hopefully in a small town like Washington word will get out what happened and it will bite them in the butt. And your business will pick up for the better. That craft show was probably one of your biggest sales times too. I don't blame you for being upset I would be too. I have never been to your shop but I have seen the pictures and it looks wonderful. You guys are the best in town just remember that.
Love Aunt Beth/Liza

the wild raspberry said...

oh tricia....that really stinks.
i can understand that you would feel some betrayal with that one~
i hope you can work it out or at least find some peace.
don't let it eat you up...just keep doing the great job that you are doing and you will be blessed.
best wishes sweetie~

A.Love said...

Ohh, Tricia!! No, you have every right to be upset!! Every right. I don't believe there is a single human who wouldn't become defensive and feel injured! I would!
The first thing that came to mind was the silver lining, that you really have to want to see. You do something so different and so beautiful that someone else wants to COPY you!
Unfortunately that copying has hurt you because it is an invasion and a breach of trust. You were caught off guard, this friend and client didn't TALK to you about it--they took their chances you wouldn't notice or it wouldn't hurt you. They were wrong.
We will ALWAYS find people that make us want to build walls. The hardest part is making the choice: Do I build the wall or do I make a decision to be intentionally OPEN. Maybe YOU can do something different with this? You can teach candle classes, you can share your process, you can give tours (you might already do those things). Sell what you do in a creative, open way.
I hope you are able to find peace! Your talent is too great!

apriliniowa said...

Ouch! I want a name, of course!

Queen Bee said...

You have a beautiful are a lovely person...and you have a big heart. I could see Saturday how much your customers enjoyed your shop and the relationship that you have with them..NO ONE can duplicate that! People are coming for more than just candles...they come because of YOU!

P.S. I had a great time visiting with you!

Tracey said...

Well that just sucks! I know I tell my kids not to use that word, but it applies here. Sorry Tricia, I would have been upset too! You're such a sweet person, I'm just bummed that had to go and ruin your day. Keep your spirits up...we all luv ya!

:) T

Lissa said...

I'm so sorry! What a total bummer! I enjoy your blog so much! I hope you still feel safe to share with us. I also hope you have more peace about the situation this evening!

Jeanneoli said...

Anyone that creates has had that happen. I had a friend do that to me too. I am really sorry that it has been so hard on you. I agree with the comment that your shop is successful because of one that copy that!!!

Kasey said...

especially when it was someone you knew and you considered a friend.
I do hope that the open house was successful and i have know that whatever comes around goes around.
I am so sorry that happened.
now lets see some pics of the open house;-)

blondiensc said...

Oh Tricia, I am so sorry this happened. I think at this point, you probably need to talk to her and tell her how you feel, because she needs to know. If that doesn't change her ways, at least you tried. I think you have something special and your loyal customers will be coming to you for candles not her...they know where the real deal is that is for sure. I know you are hurt...perhpas this will be the turning point, in which you have to be a little more secrative with your supplies and your willingness to share...(although that stinks!)

I am glad however to hear the open house went well!

Nora said...

My goodness, I am so sorry. I can't imagine what I would be thinking if that were me. I know it's easier said then done but keep your head up. You will be the one to sleep at night and your business will be known as the original.

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe that! The fact that this person is/was someone who shopped with you all of the time & opened her business in a SMALL town is really what would put me over the edge. I completely agree that if word gets out about this, people will be sure not to shop there! They'll get what is coming to them. Keep up all of your great work & the hard work will pay off! :) Stay positive!

Ooh, and my mom stopped by said your shop is adorable & she will definitely be back!

littlebyrd said...

Oh - that really stinks. I am sorry that happened to you. I don't think you are overreacting at all - I would be p@#$$% off for sure. You are an original and can sleep at knowing that.

LuLu said...

Your feelings are valid. You have worked hard to build your business and set yourself apart. I was thinking the same thing others have already written... they shop your store because of YOU and your product. They say, copying is the form of flattery, and I get that but it's still hard to take.

A.Love said...

I just wanted to check in and see if you are doing any better? You have been on my heart.

. sarah . said...

Trisha, like others have said, I come to your store...yes, for your lovely smelling candles and your beautifully decorated store, but most of all for you! YOU make it! I do pray that your biz won't be effected in the least!! Sorry I missed the open house :( I just burnt my pumpkin spice for the first time the other day...AHHH! Fall's here!!!