Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry I've been neglecting my little old blog for so long. 
I've been busy with house guests,
 flea marketing,
working in the yard...
you get the idea.

We have lots of new fun stuff in the store.
It's starting to look a bit more like an antique store
than a candle shop,
I LOOOOOVe old vintage furniture.

It is so hard when cool stuff comes through our doors,
not to want to keep it all for myself.
But my home is pretty small.  Most of it must
go to the shop to sell and hopefully
find it's way to a beautiful home where it will be
This AWESOME harvest table and chairs,
happens to be one of those things I'm having a HARD time
parting with.
It's probably my favorite thing 
we've ever had in the store.

I've been racking my brain to try and figure out
where I could use it in my home,
it's just not meant to be.
So, I just enjoy it each day I'm at work
until it finds a new home....
Will it be YOURS????

If you haven't been in for a while,
there is so much new to see.

Waaaay to much to show it all on here.

You must come in soon!
 if you happen to come in on any Wednesday,
be sure to welcome my cousin Robin
who will working every Wed. from now on.

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