Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How About Another Tour.....

I would like you to meet...

My VERY talented cousin,
she's probable gonna kill me for showing this picture... but isn't she just darling!

She has an adorable home that just needs to be seen
so I'm gonna share...

She has the ability make ANYTHING!
Including the super cute heart wreath!

Isn't this dress form cute all dolled up for Valentine's Day?
She changes her with the seasons!

The next two photos are of her bedroom...
It's one of my favorite rooms in her house.

You can't even believe how much work she and her husband
have done to their little cottage....
I WISH you could see before pics from YEARS ago
It was such a bachelor pad.

They do all the work themselves... Her hubby is quite the handyman!
In fact he MADE the table in the kitchen!
Robin has a LOVE for all things vintage and old timey!
She is the one who turned me into a lover too!

I think she should join the blog world
by creating her very own blog to showcase all of her wonderful
talents and of course share them with us!
It would be a very inspiring blog indeed!
I know Robin reads mine, so if you think
she needs to do a blog....
Leave a comment here for her to read
encouraging her to do it!
I hope you enjoyed the tour...
and believe me,
this is only a snipet of how wonderful her home is!

1 comment:

Glamorous Girl Gone Goofy said...

Dear Robin,

Love your face, love your place! Please create a blog so we can be "firends". Your home is awesome and cozy. You should share it with us! You are our kinda people!

All smiles!