Friday, May 28, 2010

I don't know about you, but I am LOVING this weather!
My hair.... not so much. In the humidity it looks like a
brillo pad. Seriously.
I have been busy making over my porch.
I found this set of wicker furniture
on someones curb a few years back during
spring clean up.
At the time, I didn't need it, so I gave it to my
good friend Angie.
She used it for a time
recently decided it was time for it to go,
so it came to my house.
It needed a little TLC but instead of painting it white,
I decided to go with color.
So I went with Krylons Catalina Mist.
I love how it turned out.
It's just so bright and cheery
but not over the top.

I "borrowed" this box from the store
it matches perfectly!

I am very much looking forward to the long weekend.
I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing,
with some grilling thrown in,
and of course
smores making on our new fire pit.

I hope you also enjoy your weekend doing whatever
it is that you love to do.

I want to remind you that we will be CLOSED on Sun and Mon.
for the holiday weekend.
We are gonna rest up a bit before the
coming up on June 5th.
Believe me,
your not gonna want to miss this!
More details to come!


the wild raspberry said...

your porch is looking fantastic.

i'm there with you on the frizzies~
i am finally resigning myself to the fact that i will never have hair that is straight like jennifer anniston and i'm learning to live with the curls. :)

have a great weekend.


LuLu said...

I'm completely loving the color!! Your whole porch looks so inviting... perfect spot for a big glass of lemonade,

cconz said...

beautiful porch! love the color of the wicker. I still have to make it down to washington to see you. To check out your shop. Also, to see if you still have that mohair chair. I live in lone tree. so soon i hope.

Lyndsay said...

Try the Ouidad products to help with your brillo pad hair. :) They really are amazing in humidity!