Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Sale.....

All fall and halloween decor is 50% off this week!
We still have lots of great merchandise to choose from!
We will be working hard this coming weekend to create a winter wonderland and all fall merchandise must go, we need the room!!! Hard to believe that our Christmas open house is coming right up..... more info on that later.


the wild raspberry said...

your shop is beautiful {or boo~tiful}
...a twig and berries candle? that cracks me up!

Jessica said...

Everything looks so amazing! I am coming back to Iowa Wednesday and I'm hoping that I can stop by and check it out!!! :)

Lissa said...

your shop is so cute! Love the chalk board in the back corner of the top pic!

Kasey said...

looks amazing.

LuLu said...

everything looks great, i would love to stop in and shop,