Sunday, October 11, 2009

Did anyone else see the season finale of Army Wives??????
This is with out a doubt, my favorite show on t.v. and I seriously can't even believe how it ended and I have to wait until next summer to find out what happens!!! I cried my eyes out, which this show has a tendency to do to me. Please tell me someone else watched this too, and let me know what you think!


Kasey said...

i don't watch it...dang.
but i did see Brothers & Sisters last night and it was GREAT.
I also saw
couple's retreat the other day...
and it was hilatious.

Katie said...

It is also my favorite show on tv love love it! I have watched it since the beginning! It was many cliff hangers...and we have to wait soooo long for it to start back up again!

Cora said...

I have NEVER missed a show of AW's!! Love it! I too cried and cried......I really don't think that Jeremy shot himself, I'm hoping the gun just went off! And Joan...well they can't take her off the show because then there would go Roland and the baby because they cannot stay on the army base without Joan! I really think she is just hurt in the blast. Love the show....I now have a whole new respect for the Army, their spouses and what they have to deal with daily! Can't wait until next season!