Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Watch This.....

I am a pretty big fan of reality t.v. Mostly just shows like American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, The Bachelor (even though I will NEVER watch that show again after poor Melissa got dumped on national t.v.) and Dancing With The Stars. Last night on Dancing with the stars, sweet Ty was voted off. I was sad to see him go, cause he tried soooo hard and did improve a ton from the first show. I LOVE his dance partner Chelsea too. She was a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance last season, so I was so excited to see that she was picked to be a professional dancer for this seasons Dancing With The Stars. I wanted to show you my FAVORITE dance with Chelsea and Mark from last seasons SYTYCD. This dance is so cool and by the end, I wanted them to be in love in real life. I know not a thing about dancing other than its soooooo fun to watch! Maybe, just maybe, when I grow up, I will be a dancer! If you have never watched this show, it starts up again this month on Fox. It's actually something the whole family can sit down and watch together. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!


C Maisy said...

Oh Tricia~
I love that clip.
I too want them to be in love.
That's the dance that Bill and I do everyday before he goes to work.
I didn't know other people could see us do it!

Nora said...

Sweet video! I agree with the whole bachelor crazy. Thank you for sharing...That's a show I don't normally watch but might just have to :)

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

OMG - Tricia - can we PLEASE watch reality tv together? You'd get along SO WELL with my sis and I - we LOVE the same shows! would be so fun....

....sigh - wish we lived closer!!!


PS - i'm kinda over Idol this year - and SUPER pumped for SYTYCD. (i had to go back over that 3 times to make sure i got the letters right!) xo

Jeanneoli said...

I am still laughing from Amy's comment!!!! That was an awesome dance! I love that song too....ok...I'm still laughing.

Lissa said...

tricia!! I love that video! My husband even came down the hall and said, "is that the dance?" and he watched with me! I can't wait until that show starts up again! My favorite dance was the one with the door with twitch!!!

blondiensc said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I love so you think you can dance, absolutely love it...I am giddy like a school girl when it comes on and when Kat say's so you think you can dance, I say it with her really loud (with an accent mind you) and my pool man just rolls his eyes! This dance was so romantic, it gives me the chills to watch it...ahh so romantic! thanks Tricia I needed a good dose of chills for the day...May 21st, right for the new season?? YIPEE!

the wild raspberry said...

idol is the only reality show we watch...but of course it will never be as good as last season when DAVID COOK was on. {sigh}
did you know he is from a town 10 minutes away from me? i'm sure i am going to run into him someday.
just know it!
have a great day.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

That was my FAVE dance ever! I enjoyed it then (Watched it actually about 6 times)and enjoyed it all over again right now. Thanks for the treat. Can't wait for the next season...they really have talented kids in that show!

LuLu said...

Count me in on watching too!! I have been watching Dancing with The Stars as well! Ty is so sweet and being married to Jewel is even sweeter they make the cuTest couple!!! So you think you can dance is amazing... I can not dance... give me a slow dance and I'm safe!! :) how i wish i had that talent!!!
great clip!!!

Allegra said...

THIS was MY favorite dance TOO!!! I bought the CD after seeing this dance...then I hated the CD but still loved the dance :)
YEEE, next season is around the corner!!