Monday, May 25, 2009

Bits and Baubles.......

I hope everyone is having a really great Memorial Day weekend! The weather here has been AWESOME!!!
I thought I would just show a few new pictures of the store today. LOVE the pink lanterns and if you haven't tried Cucina in your kitchen, you need to, It smells sooo good!
We just got a ton of new matches in. When giving a candle as a gift, people tend to throw a box of matches in with it.

Just a quick post, to show you what is going on at the Backyard Candle Co. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!


C Maisy said...

Happy you had a nice weekend!!!
It's a little chilly here today. I think it would help if the sun was out!
Your store is so pretty!!!

apriliniowa said...

oooooo ahhhhhhh! Love it. Those rugs look pretty fab in the background, too. Hope you and yours had a nice weekend. :)

Lissa said...

can I come shopping there?

Nora said...

Oh I love Cucina. They have them at anthropologie and I want them so bad but can't quite spend that much. I told hubby the other day when we were there that I wanted them...We will see if he remembers :) Glad your weather has been great. Ours too! I'm loving every minute of it...

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

sigh....WISH I LIVED CLOSER TO YOU! (have I said that before? seriously - I DO!)

I would apply for a job in your store as the sweeper 2x/week just to be apart of your fabulous-ness.

LOVE cucina!!!


the wild raspberry said...

your store is pure loveliness!
have a wonderful day.

blondiensc said...

I love seeing where you spend some of your days and let me just say the scenery is ALOT more appealing then you want me to send you a picture of my cubicle at work? HA!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

LuLu said...

I would love to visit your store! I would be a frequant shopper!!
and I just realized I haven't tried Cucina!

littlebyrd said...

Your store is looking flat out gorgeous!!