Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Whislers....

I thought it would be fun to introduce you to some very important people in my life. This is my husbands brother Trent and his beautiful family. His wife Teresa and daughters Mckenna on the right and Mariah on the left and I cant forget to mention Max! Unfortunatley, they live all the way in Lancaster Pennsylvania, but we do manage to see them a couple times a year. Every summer we visit them and then the girls come home with us and stay for a couple of weeks! It is always sooooo much fun for me cause I get to have girl time! It is so hard to belive that they are both teenagers! Mckenna was the flower girl in our wedding when she was just three years old! Where does time go? Did I mention how talented they ALL are? Not only is Teresa an AMAZING cook, this women CAN SING!!!! She and Trent both sang in our wedding and Im telling you, there wasnt a dry eye in the church! Mckenna is following in her parents footsteps and is also an unbelievable singer! She has been selected for the second time to be a part of the Gibson-Baldwin Grammy Jazz ensemble! This lucky girl gets to go to the Grammys AGAIN!! I am so proud of her! Mariah is also a wonderful singer, but her passion is dance! This girl has got MOVES! Remember their names cause Im telling you, these girls are going places!!!!
Not only are these girls beautiful on the outside, they are even more beautiful on the inside! They have the biggest hearts and love and respect their parents! But even better than that, they have a love for the Lord! Trent and Teresa have done an amazing job raising these girls and I love them all very much. I think Im missing them today, obviously! Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed meeting them!


C Maisy said...

Really cute family.
Do you think you will ever sell your candles online?? I would love to give one of them a try. I'm always looking for candles that make my house smell good. I feel like I can never smell them.
Happy New Year to you!

Jeanneoli said...

What a talented family! Isn't it hard to live so far away from family? I need your awesome candles online. They are all I burned over whole house always smelled amazing.