Monday, January 26, 2009

Scent list.......

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! I have had many requests to post a current list of our available scents. I will list ALL of our scents. Not all of them are available to purchase year round, some are just seasonal. All of the scents are available however for refills year round. If you have any questions, please dont hesistate to ask......

-pink sugar: the perfect blend of sweet- a best seller

-blue sugar: mens cologne

-brown sugar: sweet brown sugar

-flannel sheets: freshly laundered sheets

-country clothesline: clothes dried in the fresh breeze all day

-grandmas kitchen: a mix of cinnamon, apples and spice

-ginger lime: so fresh and clean

-margarita: just like the drink

-twigs & berries: very unique scent- a best seller

-grapefruit tomato leaf: a perfect combo of the two- you have to smell this one

-cool citrus basil: you can really smell the basil in this one

-french market: a wonderful floral- a best seller

-fruit salad: a mix of fruit and whipped cream

-caramel crunch:gooey caramel with a hint of nuts

-fresh brewed coffee: just like you make at home

-french vanilla coffee: coffee with a touch of vanilla

-birthday cake: moist vanilla cake YUMMY

-buttercream frosting: if you like vanilla, you will love this one

-garden pavillion: a blend of herbs and "green"- a best seller

-lavender: wonderful scent of lavender fields

-lily of the valley- just like the flower, beautiful

-hibiscus thai palm: VERY floral and unique- a best seller

-strawberry rhubarb pie- perfect blend of strawberries, rhubarb and a hint of crust

-blueberry muffin: fresh blueberries muffins right out of the oven

-iced cinnamon roll: people will think you have been baking all day-a best seller

-pumpkin cheesecake: YUM! a best seller

-fall festival: a hint of cinnamon and spice: a best seller

-pomegranate: very sweet- a best seller

-apples & oak: the perfect blend of apples and a hint of oak

-coconut cream pie: blend of coconut and cream and a hint of crust

-movie night: hot buttered popcorn

-pineapple cilantro: juicy pineapple with a touch of cilantro

-mistletoe: a fresh cut Christmas tree- a best seller

-spiced cranberry: cranberries with hints of spice- a best seller

-christmas cabin: evergreen and spice

-sugar cookie: wonderful scent of cookies baking

-spiced pear: juicy pear and hints of spice- wonderful scent

-country bumpkin: a perfect blend of citrus and spice

-snickerdoodle: a light scent with touches of vanilla

-lovespell: Victorias Secret tpe

-acorn harvest: a VERY nutty scent- a best seller in the fall

- blackberry sage- blend of blackberries and sage

We continually add new scents so check in with us often! Our candles come in 3 sizes. 5oz-6.99
10oz-9.99 and 160z-14.99. We will refill any pre-aprroved container for .65 an ounce. We ask that the container be clean of all wax prior to bringing in.

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Jeanneoli said...

You need to have the scatch and sniff blog. It is amazing how many choices you have.