Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More of the store....

Love these mistletoe scented candles! This scent is by far our most popular at Christmas! It is sooooo fragrant. It will literally smell up your entire home.

These little glitter reindeer can be set around your house or used as an ornament. I love anything with glitter!

Again with the glitter! These peace signs are my absolute favorite decoration this season! These come in two sizes and are selling VERY quickly, but never fear, I have more on the way!

These red tealight holders with the jewel are so beautiful even without the candle light. I think there needs to be a little red thrown in everywhere at Christmas!

Here are our "gift buckets." Each one comes with a decorative box of matches, a 5oz candle, a glitter snowflake ornament, a mercury glass tealight holder and a tealight. I can think of tons of cute things to do with the bucket! Did I mention that they have glitter on them too!


Jeanneoli said...

Very cute new things. Love the bucket idea.

Nicoleigh said...

I too love galvanized buckets! What a fun idea.
And I did not see the email from you. I checked and rechecked.
My address is.....
nicoleigh (at) hotmail dot com

Oh, and how long has your store been open? I have a friend who's mom lives there, but doesn't remember your store when she went to visit.