Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lighted Christmas Parade

Last Friday night was the kick off of all things Christmas in downtown Washington. It was the Lighted Christmas parade and Santa making his grand entrance into town. The Uptown Girls had a float this year made by my very talented friend and owner of Outside In gift shop, Bonnie Lins pictured below with me! For those of you who dont know who the uptown girls are... we are a group of speciality shop owners who have come together as one group to try to bring people to Washington. We coordinate all of our open houses together so that people can literally make a day of it shopping in Washington. We have 10+ shops as members! Making the trip to Washington is totally worth it! Our downtown is being revitalized and there are some really great places to dine as well! You will have to make the trip to see for yourself!

Didnt Bonnie do an AMAZING job! It is an exact replica of our uptown girls shopping bag that we all sell in our stores for $5! If you own one you can bring it to all the uptown girls shops for all of the open houses and recieve our exclusive specials! Our next open house event is DECEMBER 11-13! Our special for those three days at Backyard Candle Co. is everything you can stuff in your uptown girl bag is 20% off! (1 candle at 20% off )

We continue to get in new merchandise so you will want to keep checking in!

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Nicoleigh said...

How great! This is exactly the thing that makes me want to visit Washington. Thanks for sharing!
Will there be other specials/deals that aren't going on in December? (I am busy every weekend in December.) Can I some how buy one of those Uptown Girl bags online or by mail? Thanks!