Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Change can be hard, scary and down right painful.
But it can also bring with it,
excitment, renewed passion, and joy.
There are some changes happening at BYCC.
My mom of 39 years and my business partner of 5 years
has decided after much thought and prayer
to retire from the store.
We took a chance sitting on my front porch 5 years
ago that we could make a go of this little
business and we "went for it!"
Since I was a kid, I can remember decorating together, looking
at her Country Living Magazines over and over and over.
I get my love of decorating, and "nest fluffing" from her.
It hasn't always been an easy 5 years. 
 Soon after we opened she had
both knees replaced, and just a few months after that,
she was diagnosed with
stage 4 lung and brain cancer.
By the grace of God, she pulled through
and is now CANCER FREE!
We have laughed, cried, yelled, and loved and
laughed some more in the last 5 years...
but now its HER time. 
Her time to just be.
Don't worry, you will still see her at the store from time to time.
In fact, I bet we can't KEEP her away.
When the love of what we do is in ya, its just in ya
and sometimes you just need an outlet.
Im proud and honored to have built our store together.
I couldn't have done it without her.
Love ya Mom.
Im so very excited to announce my new business partner,
who also has the same passion for decorating, and creating.
One would think, we were all cut from the same mold!
Well, we are!
Meet my friend and COUSIN,
Im sure most of you already know her since
she's been an employee at the store for over a year.
To know Robin is to love Robin.
Her bubbly personality, creative mind, and energy
is just what I was looking for in a new partner.
Welcome aboard partner!
I hope I don't get on your "last nerve"
to often cause it's gonna be "REAL NICE!"
I am so excited and relieved to officially announce this news,
and get moving forward....


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This IS exciting news! I love BYCC and all you lovely women! You're a special bunch and I'm so thankful to know you!

Sarah Nebel