Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I know this is so late..
but here is how we spent our Thanksgiving.


These are the "original" 5 Whislers.
The first time in 18 years that they have all been together
for Thanksgiving back at home in Iowa.


Me and my sissy in laws... Missy and Teresa.

My niece Mariah and Soyboy.

Missy with the Whisler boys
Tork, Trent and Todd.
Clay, Mariah and Sawyer.

My buffet turned make do bar.

Mariah and Sawyer.
Tessy and I.
The "kids" table.
Our very popular chalkboard wall.
Todd, Tork and Clay who is reading the Thanksgiving Proclamation.
This is a Whisler tradition
 that was passed on to the next generation Whisler
this year.
Missy and Mariah.  Look at all that Dallas love.

We loved having all of them in our home for nearly a week!
I tried my darndest to make it Norman Rockwellish.
We did of course miss and think ALOT about
Mckenna, Talon, Tori, Brad, Ben and Abby
who couldn't be with us.
There was Tons of laughter, some happy tears and many memories made
and cherished.
I miss you all so much already.

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