Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Brag Book....

Here are some snapshots of the boys. I have'nt bragged on them in a while, so I thought I'd show you what we've been up to around here...... For the most part, the boys get along really well. Clay is a good older brother, and still plays with Sawyer quite a bit. Sawyer TOTALLY looks up to Clay and thinks he's pretty cool.

Sawyer taking a break from swimming, and if you'll notice, he is holding fried chicken in each hand. You would never know it from looking at him, but this kid can EAT!!! I'm talking, he can eat 3 hot dogs on buns at one meal!

My soyboy's (that's what I call him) first airplane ride!

This is also Clay's first airplane ride. I do believe that this is where the strep throat started. He was feeling pretty bad at this point. Oooops, I hope he did'nt infect the whole plane! And then there is me, with not a stitch of make-up on feeling pretty darn relaxed thanks to my Xanax!

Making the boys clean up the yard after a big storm. The goofball in the back is Clay's good friend Jase. This storm actually did some damage. Half of a big old tree fell on my mother in laws car. YIKES!! All I have to say is it's a darn good thing we "country bumpkins" buried the tramploine, or we would have lost another one! (For you first time readers, that's in a whole other post)
I hope you are enjoying your lazy days of summer, as it seems to be flying by! Gotta register the boys for school tomorow! I know, right!!!


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

that is you with no makeup? you are such a hottie!

Love the summer shots - what fun you 'country bumpkins' have!!


the wild raspberry said...

looks like you guys are really enjoying your summer vacation together...can you believe how fast it has gone?!

blondiensc said...

sounds like a wonderful summer and it makes me smile to read that your boys get along so well...can you believe we are almost in August?? Ekkk...I dont even have a tan or a really good sunburn to speak of...yeah know the blister kind! now that I think about it probably best, huh?
btw, you look great without makeup!! :)

Jeanneoli said...

I would not look that cute with no makeup on...but if I had a Xanax....maybe I wouldn't care:-)

Lissa said...

Lovin' the braggin' on the boys!! I hope you're feeling better today!!! xo

Tracey said...

Well those boys look awfully happy enjoying some summer fun! I tried emailing you back last night, but it didn't want to go through. I'll try again in a few. Just popping in to see if your day is looking a little brighter today!!

:) T

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

My 4 year old is an eater - 3 hot dogs, easily.

apriliniowa said...

Ira is a little piggy now, too! He's 5 ft tall/90lbs./size 8 men's shoes now! Combine that with his three or four friends over daily and we're constantly running out of food and juiceboxes. sigh.
With that, glad the boys are getting along and enjoying their summer. Your vacation pics look like they had a lot of fun. :)