Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Down Memory Lane....

This is seriously the most fun I have ever had preparing for a post! When I was growing up, I had a serious, and I do mean serious love of all things barbie. It was so bad, that I had an entire room growing up, appropriately called the "barbie room" FILLED to the brim with barbie stuff! That is pretty much all I ever asked for at Christmas or for birthdays. All my family and friends if asked today, would all tell you the very same thing. I did grow out of this obsession but have never understood why girls today dont like barbie! I have all nieces and none of them ever got into it. :( Anyway, I found some of the barbies that I had growing up, while searching google and I really wanted to take you, my blog friends down memory lane with me. PLEASE someone out there tell me you had growing up skipper too! I seriously thought I dreamt about her cause anyone that I ever told about this doll, never believed me! Get this, when you rotate her arm , her boobs grow and then rotated back, they shrink!!! I KNOW RIGHT!!!

This is the oldest barbie I had. She is the original skipper. I had the blonde beauty and still have her to this day in the original box and clothes. My mom got her for me at an auction when I was little.

This is the Barbie dream cottage. I knew I was getting this for Christmas cause I found it in a cupboard. Yup, it came with all that awesome furniture. I remember the BBQ grill had little mini hamburgers and hot dogs.

This is the barbie dream house. I LOVED this thing! My mom worked for a carpet store in our town and would bring me home carpet samples and wallpaper books they did'nt want anymore and I would spend HOURS decorating it. I guess I loved to do it way back then. See the little ken doll, in the corner I had him too!

I know these are'nt considered "barbies", but I had these and remember thinking Marie's dress was so beautiful.

This is the peaches and cream barbie. How I remembered her name is beyond me, but I thought she was the prettiest barbie ever made! When I boxed all of them up cause I figured I was to old to keep playing with them, most of them still had their original dresses on. Not that I never changed their clothes, cause I had a mini trunk FULL of clothes and was always putting them in different outfits. I just remembered what dress came with each one. Like I said, I really LOVED barbie!

I also remember the name of her, she was crystal barbie.

I had to show Todd because I remember getting him along with his bride, Tracy, (who I couldnt find a picture of) for my birthday. I was so excited that the next day, I rode my bike to my friend Renee's house, cause she loved barbies too, with Todd and Tracy in a bag. He got to her house just fine, we played and then I rode home. It was MAYBE a block and a half between our houses and somewhere along the way, I lost Todds head. Dont ask me how, cause to this day we dont know, we think it must have got stuck in the spokes of the bike. I laugh as I sit here typing this, but I remember it like it was yesterday and I think I cried for days. We looked, and looked, and looked, but we never found poor Todds head.

My parents saved all of my barbies for years after I moved out then made me come and get them cause they were tired of storing them. I have two boys, and knew I would'nt be having any girls so I gave EVERYTHING to my friend Jolynn's daughter Sarah. I knew she would love them as much as I did and I will never forget the look on her face when I took them to her. They had found their new home!

Thanks for letting me share this with you cause it really was a big part of who I was growing up. If you made it to the end and were'nt completely bored, then tell me what toys you loved growing up, I would love to know!!


the wild raspberry said... had me laughing out loud with this post...especially the part about growing up skipper. How convenient would that be?!!!
That shirt doesn't fit quite right, well a little twist of the arms and voila!
I hated barbies when I was a kid. Is that weird? I was more the stuffed animal type. and yes, my mom made me come get all mine a few years back as well.
Have a terrific day.

Lissa said...

funny... Barbies were big with me too. I was just telling my 7 yr old that she isn't too old to play with barbies even if her friends tell her she is. We only have one male doll (prince eric) and he really gets around! I think he's kissed every other barbie in this house! He's causing quite a few problems around here!!

blondiensc said...

Tricia! this is hillarious, and Lissa you are funny too! I LOVED barbies, I had so many too, I had peaches in cream I thought she had the most beautiful dress, I had Ken and I had crystal barbie too...I didn't have skipper, wonder why? I used to set up my barbies in our guest room and leave them there for days. We stil have my barbies, my neice plays with them...and get this my mom found wicker doll furniture, so I had a wicker couch and chair..I just loved that...sorry for the long post, but this was fun! Sorry, about Todd...that was a bummer for both of you!

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...


My daughter SO loves barbie - and I was never into them as a kid. But now...I TOTALLY GET IT. It is so fun to collect, and I'm reliving my youthful desire to be a Barbie collector!!!

how fun to walk down memory lane with you!


C Maisy said...

I didn't really like Barbie.
I like all the other stuff.
Ya know...the car, house, camper. I didn't play with any dolls when I was a kid.
Now I feel like I totally missed out on something.
I better go make an appt with my counselor :)

LuLu said...

i played with Barbies too and loved changing the clothes... it's funny my girls never play with the accessories just the dolls. Now where they love to play with them is in the pool. Oh my have fished out many babies out of the skimmer and there hair is nasty by the end of summer... I loved regular doll and would drive my big wheel like it was a car with my doll on my lap... safe haaaaa
cute post and thanks for the trip down memory lane!

jodieak51 said...

Finally, someone else that owned the Growing Up Skipper! All I ever did was rotate her arm over and over. I believe I still have her stored at my parent's home.

Kasey said...

oh, barbies were THE THING!
i secretly still play with them, but thats between you and me!

littlebyrd said...

I loved Barbie too! My stuff was not nearly as cool as yours!! My sister and I played barbies veryday for hours upon hours. I always really liked their shoes and you know, they are so tiny they would get lost and I was always so bummed out.

apriliniowa said...

I cried when my mom gave away my 100's Barbies with their ill-begotten haircuts, my Barbie Mansion that had an elevator, camper with horses, corvettes, swimming pool with waterslide, and the jacuzzi bathtub with a working shower nozzle and bubbles even! I had a kitchen with a built-in stovetop that came with little pots and pans and a hanging wine-rack with tiny little silver wineglasses. It's not surprising that I loved those wineglasses to pieces! haha. Seriously, I was in 7th grade. I cried when she gave them away to a little girl that was blind for free because, and this shows how mean and selfish I was, "She won't even be able to see how pretty they are, Mom!?!" Wow. Ouch. I was a brat. But it also seems like a SNL skit, too.

Jeanneoli said...

I was laughing out loud about Todd's head.....thanks for the good laugh and the walk down memory lane!!!

Tricia Anne said...

I had those same Donny and Marie dolls! Oh gosh how I loved them!! I played with them all of the time!
Sincerely ~ Tricia
Ps. I have never met another "Tricia" who spells her name the same as I do. :o) It is nice to meet you!