Monday, March 30, 2009

Where is Spring?........

Last weekend, we had a winter storm! UGH!!! The snow made me long for spring even more. Here are some pictures that just scream warmer days....... A glass of lemonade on the porch

a fun alternative to a popcicle
The smell of lilac blooms

clothes hung on the line

spring cleaning and windows that sparkle

Warmer days that are here to stay are coming, are'nt they?
All photos courtesy of Country Living.


the wild raspberry said...

they are coming...they really are!
oh, that snow was crazy. march really was in like a lamb and out like a lion. ours is melting quickly away and hope yours is as well.
love the spring-like pictures to cheer the gloom.

Jeanneoli said...

Love all the photos. I am especially loving the of my favorites! We got another few inches this morning of snow...I KNOW spring is around the corner though.

Tara said...

hmm, those rice crispies are making me hungry, wishing you some sunshine soon!stay positive that srping will be here soon for you!

LuLu said...

Rice Crispies on a stick are such a good idea... yea for posting the picture! I sometimes get tired of runny popsicles! Sweet SPring it's coming your way!!

C Maisy said...

it snowed yesterday. i want spring too. i love all the pics...especially the cloths line. i can smell my linens already!

Kasey said...

love lilac's. my whole yard blooms with them the begining of May.

littlebyrd said...

These made me long for spring and summer, especially the sheets drying in the sun. I know, it's cold here too. Near freezing every morning and not really warming that much during the day.

traci said...

hi tricia. this is my first visit to your lovely blog. i enjoyed looking around and will definately be back. i wish i lived closer, your shop looks adorable and i love candles.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

I must say - I'm echoing all these ladies - rice crispy popsicles? love it. I'm all about those, SOON!

I think to 'force spring' - it is time to turn inside into spring. Bring out the bright florals, turn up the heat and put on those flip flops (teehee), and perhaps even go for the 'summer cut' now - It will be here!

If none of those work - go get some of the brightest supermarket flowers and put them in small arrangements around the house.

It's coming! (and pretty soon, we'll be feeling the HEAT of summer!)

XOXO - hang in there!

Nora said...

I'm wishing for spring with you!

Allegra said...

i love those spring inspired photos! the fun Popsicles are great!